GROW UP STRONG AND HEALTHY: Our great-tasting children’s chewable calcium and vitamin D gummies help to build strong bones and teeth as well as aid in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Our gummy cuties will help support your kid’s everyday health by providing them with the vitamins and minerals to supply their growing bodies with any nutritional gaps.
BUILD STRONG BONES AND TEETH: Providing your kids with gummy cuties calcium with vitamin D will give them a head start in developing healthy bodies for life. Vitamin D provides support for calcium absorption to help kids build strong bones and teeth. Kids can’t afford to skip calcium as the bones they build now will help them start their adult lives with the strongest bones possible.
KID-FRIENDLY FLAVORS: Kids love our delicious gummies made with the all-natural colors and flavors which include an assortment of cherry, orange, lemon, strawberry chewables derived from natural sources.

Gummy Cuties Kid’s Formula Daily Calcium & Vitamin D Gummies for Strong Healthy Bones & Teeth – Gluten Free, Non-GMO…