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Our story

Monalisa Medical is a company that was established to help new immigrants to the United States to integrate into American society and culture.

Our services

Online Store:

At our online store, we try to provide our visitors with best products at the best prices possible. We do that by affiliating with different vendors like Amazon.com, Walmart, Target, and eBay.com to offer best products at best prices possible and offer coupons and deals on certain item whenever they are available from the vendors. Our focus is products that that will be used daily and help you to have a better life.  

Also, you will find products that are sold directly from our stores, and we are trying to keep the prices down below other online stores like Amazon.com, by negotiating prices directly with the manufacturers and order in large volumes. We source our products from several vendors within the US, Europe and Asia. This allows us to offer wholesale prices and high-quality products with good design.

Our Videos and articles:

This service is directed to Arabic speakers to share experiences and best practices with new immigrants. Our videos and articles focus on the inspiring speeches, saving-money-shopping ideas, career-building skills, health-related topics, services, and more. We don’t provide any legal advice, but we can direct you to professionals who can help you to achieve your goals. We also share articles from trusted sites that can guide immigrants to learn more about resources available for them and their families when they move to the USA.